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If you look out your window and the weather is bad and the roads look icy you should probably stay home, but if you brave the elements just to make it to our shop, it is a very good idea to call ahead of time (207 563 5002) and make sure that we are open. Even though some of us live very close to the shop we do like to "hunker" down and enjoy a good snow day. Thanks for planning ahead!!!


We would love to see you at Alewives Fabrics and want you to find us quickly and easily. We feel very fortunate to be located in a small, rural area that is just slightly off the beaten path...

Please be advised that GPS systems may not work so well in our neck of the woods... May we suggest a little old-fashioned direction-following?

• Our street/mailing address is 10 Main St. Nobleboro, ME, 04555

• Our physical location is along Route 215 in the small village of Damariscotta Mills. Damariscotta Mills does not have a post office nor it's own zip code, and is made up of one half the town of Newcastle, one half the town of Nobleboro. This may account for some of the troubles with GPS units, but we are easily found just five minutes off of Route One by following the written directions just below.

• From points North: Take Route 1 SOUTH towards Newcastle/Damariscotta. Take the Newcastle/Damariscotta/Damariscotta Mills exit. This is also the exit for Route 215 and is a right-hand exit. At the end of the ramp, turn RIGHT onto Route 215 North. Follow Route 215 North for approximately 2 miles until it makes a marked, sharp left-hadn turn. Make the turn, and we are immediately found in a large red barn on the left hand side.

• From points South: Take Route 1 North towards Newcastle/Damariscotta. Take the Newcastle/Damariscotta exit. This is also the exit for Route 215 and is a right-hand exit. At the end of the ramp, go STRAIGHT ACROSS the 4-way intersection onto Route 215 North. Follow Route 215 North for approximately 2.5 miles until it makes a marked, sharp left-hand turn. Make the turn, and we are immediately found in a large red barn on the left hand side.

• From Route 215 North: Follow Route 215 headed South to the one-way split in Newcastle. At the intersection at the bottom of the hill, turn left onto Route 215 North. Follow for approximately 300 feet where Route 215 North makes a very sharp left. make the turn, and we are immediately found in a large red barn on the left hand side.


Can I order Gift Certificates online?

Yes! Gift Certificates can now be found on our menu-bar with their own section! Gift certificates can be used online or in our brick and mortar store. When ordering a gift certificate online, please use the "Special Instructions" section of the order form to let us know who your gift recipient is, where you would like the gift certificate sent to, how you would like the gift tag to read. We can also send an electronic version of our gift certificate! Just leave us a note in the "special instructions" section of the order page with the relevant information!

Why do I have a hard time finding you with my GPS?

We love having a business located in an historical building in the small town of Damariscotta Mills. The Mills are a very small village in Maine with no post office or zip code. Damariscotta Mills is also one half the town of Nobleboro and one half the town of Newcastle, but it is on Damariscotta Lake, and was the site of several different lumber mills a century ago, so it is called Damariscotta Mills.

While this history makes for a lovely, charming neighborhood in which to live and run our destination business, it can cause problems with GPS units. We are on the Nobleboro side of Damariscotta Mills, so our mailing and street address is 10 Main St., Nobleboro, Maine, 04555. Main Street Nobleboro is also Route 215. However, oftentimes when customers try to find us using their GPS units and this address they are redirected to another quilt shop in Nobleboro.

Our customers love that our tiny little town has not one, but two quilt shops to visit, but if you are searching for us, please be aware that there are two different shops in Nobleboro. The second shop is located directly on Route One, whereas we are located just five minutes off of Route One on Route 215. We know that you travel from far and wide to visit our shop, and we want you to find us!

It may be helpful to enter Route 215 into your GPS units, or you may want to try and follow our written directions the old-fashioned way. We have thorough written directions just above, in our "Directions" section, and are always happy to answer phone calls (207 563 5002) and provide directional assistance to any wayward sewing-enthusiasts.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our business, fabric and other items that must be cut by the yard (such as ribbon and interfacing) may not be returned. Scissors are also not returnable. However, fat quarters, notions, patterns, yarns, kits and books may be returned so long as they are in pristine, unopened, re-saleable condition and accompanied by the original receipt. If you are unsatisfied with ANY of your merchandise due to a defect or an error on our part, please contact us as soon as possible for a full refund or exchange.

Why is your fabric more expensive than other online stores?

This is a complicated answer, but the upshot is that we have a very different overhead cost than online stores. We are not only an online shop, but have a brick and mortar store as well that employs 5 different people and serves an entire community's sewing needs. We believe we have a fair mark-up on our fabric and we stand by the quality of our products 100%. However, due to the costs associated with a brick and mortar shop, we are unable to cut our profit margin in the same manner as online stores. We do not believe we should offer our fabrics for one price to our online customers and another to our brick and mortar customers. Therefore, everyone pays the same price for our fabrics. This price is generally more than online-only shops, but the profit from these fabrics pays for our lights, our heat, our snow-plowing (this is Maine, after all!), and most importantly our employees' wages... all of this and more. We hope you will understand the price differential and feel good about purchasing your fabrics from us. In return we promise you an excellent online experience, excellent customer service, a fresh perspective on sewing and fabrics in general, and someone will always be here to answer any questions you may have. We have been in business for over 30 years and we aren't going anywhere!

Why don't I see any shipping costs in my order receipt? Does that mean that my order shipped for free?

Sadly, no! Your online order receipt e-mail does not reflect any shipping costs because we judge each order individually after we have received it to determine the least expensive yet most effective method for shipping your order. This is one of the ways we are trying to keep costs down. Unlike other sites, we don't charge handling fees and we don't charge by the volume of your order. You may have an order of batting that is very bulky, but very light, and the best way to ship batting may be via First Class. Conversely, you may have an order of fabric that is very heavy, yet less bulky than batting would be. This package would most likely ship via Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope or box. We want to save you money on shipping so that you have more money for fabric, and this is the most efficient way we have found of doing so. However, it means that shipping is added after your order has been placed. If you ever have any questions about shipping costs, please feel free to call us at the shop (207 563 5002) or send us an e-mail (alewives@alewivesfabrics.com). Someone will respond to your inquiry right away!

Why don't I see the discounted price of my order after I use a promotional code?

Discounts and promotional codes do not appear on your order because we adjust the price manually here at the shop after your order has been placed. In other words, we don't have fancy software that makes the adjustment for us and we have to do it ourselves! After placing your order, you will receive an order receipt from Alewives Fabrics in your in-box. This order receipt will not reflect the cost of shipping, nor will it reflect any discounts or promotional codes you may have used. Rest assured, though, that we are working hard at the shop to adjust the prices of your order accordingly. If you have any questions about your discounts or promotional codes, please feel free to call us (207 563 5002) or e-mail us (alewives@alewivesfabrics.com). Someone will respond to your inquiry right away!